Say No To Workplace Bullying

Awareness For All

Our mission is to provide resources to employees within the healthcare environment who have experienced mistreatment in the workplace.


Our Vision

Our vision is healthcare workplaces free of threat, intimidation, and unfair treatment of any individual. We envision a culture which embraces diversity and inclusion to support the healthcare needs of a diverse population.


Workplace stress, discord, and lateral violence have a profound cost to healthcare services and also the staff member's health. While the impact is significant, workplace bullying and its negative consequences are preventable.


Employee and employer awareness of workplace bullying, and its many manifestations goes a long way to mitigating the prevalence and effects of such actions.


Billion dollars lost due to missed work days


Out of 100 employees suffer non-physical assaults


% increase in missed work days due to workplace bullying

How We Can Help

We are dedicated to improving healthcare culture by providing individualized support to healthcare workers and institutions. Our programs are designed to achieve this goal through multifaceted efforts such as advocacy and awareness for psychologically safe workplace culture, peer support groups, as well as community and corporate engagement.


Healthcare Workers

The Joint Commission stated, "Bullies tend to target employees who have inadequate support or are not able to defend themselves from the aggression.”  Some individuals leave while others suffer in silence. The impact on the staff member's health is severe. Contact us if you are suffering from bullying and our team will assist you.

Healthcare Organizations

About 20% of the total GDP of the US goes into the healthcare sector - around $3 trillion.  Workplace bullying, as a contributor to healthcare disparities, accounts for 10% of these expenditures, or $300 billion. Our programs can help  organizations affected by these issues through regained staff retention and productivity.