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Employee and employer awareness of workplace bullying, and its many manifestations goes a long way to mitigating the prevalence and effects of such actions. Along with the toll on human suffering is the material cost to U.S. healthcare.  About 20% of the total GDP of the US goes into the healthcare sector, calculated to be around $3 trillion.  Workplace bullying, as a contributor to healthcare disparities, known to be preventable, accounts for 10% of these expenditures, or $300 billion.

IHC has provided more than 100 hours of one-on-one support which has resulted in individuals not leaving the nursing profession. Service provided to individuals bullied and harassed in the workplace. We have built a platform that provides a sense of community for healthcare workers where the common themes generated from the bullying experience are explored, acknowledged, and collective strategies discussed to heal from the trauma.  

Our Goals


Reduce workplace bullying and reduce Staff Turnover

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Reduce workplace bullying and reduce Personnel Lawsuits

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Reduce workplace bullying and reduce Patient Lawsuits

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